Aim For a Better Life and Maintain it, with JOANNA O’BRIEN

Certified Master NLP,(ABNLP) Certified Master Hypnosis(ABH),
Certified Master Time Line Therapy,(TLTA)

Contact  telephone 07919185567

Special offer available on the HypnoMassage technique combining the therapies of Insideout and Mettaphysical. £30.00 introductory offer instead of £60.00.

Tarot readings with Joanna.


A professional Tarot reader for over twenty years, I work with spiritual guidance using Tarot and Clairvoyance. Your sessions will focus on you and what concerns you most. The readings are confidential and always empower you. By knowing what is likely to affect you in the future you have more influence over the events and subsequently the reactions and emotions in your life.


There are as many paths ahead as there are choices in life. Other people and their actions  can influence us and by using the Tarot I have worked with hundreds of people to turn their lives around. Knowing you are always in control by the choices you make is a good basis to begin with and I am committed to working with people using kindness and compassion.


As a Reiki Master and Trainer, I believe that the future is not set in stone. Your attitude and emotions, combined with planning and preparation can make for a more fulfilled and happier life. Nobody truly knows how the Tarot works. By combining this ancient system with the knowledge and wisdom I have learned over the years I have found time and time again that people chose the cards on a deep, unconscious level that are right for them.  I highly encourage people to relax and enjoy the experience.


Contact me if you would like to;

  • Make empowered choices in your life
  • Manage your emotions so that they work for you
  • Bring a true sense of fulfillment into your life
  • Achieve personal satisfaction and increase your chances of success
  • Take part in a process that is enjoyable, interesting and fascinating



Sessions take place in person at the Bath Healthcare Clinic and are also available via Skype.


Opening Hours are Wednesday & Thursday 6pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 9pm-5pm,


Cost is £35.00 for a 30 minute reading. Confidentiality guaranteed.

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